Sensing Scotland: How an Ancient Farm in the Borders of Scotland Is a Laboratory for LoRa Wireless Sensors

Jonathan Kaye, Director of Product Management, Connectivity Solutions for Laird Andrew Beattie, CTO of Sensorstream Burnside Farm is one of those places that seems to stand outside of time, and it happens to be located near the town of Ayr in Ayrshire

Determining the Best Wireless Frequency for Your Remote Monitoring and Control System

By Scott Keller, Founder, CEO, CTO SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Remote monitoring and control systems rely on radio communications to integrate their devices (sensors, nodes, Gateways) to a wireless network in the transmission of data.  A large number of radio-based telemetry systems use

When It Comes to IoT Security for Remote Equipment, Think About All the Moving Parts

Donald Schleede, Information Security Officer Digi International For the Internet of Things (IoT), security is becoming a non-negotiable requirement. Although some may mistakenly assume IoT data is not being targeted by hackers, remotely connected devices on the front lines of IoT solutions