Global Revenue for Sensing and Measurement Devices for Transmission and Distribution Is Expected to Reach $4.8 Billion by 2026

A new report from Navigant Research analyzes the technologies and strategies capable of enhancing sensing and measurement for transmission and distribution (T&D) networks, providing global market forecasts for eight equipment categories, segmented by technology category and region, through 2026. During the next

Opto 22 Announces Edge Programmable Industrial Controller: groov EPIC

Opto 22 has announced a new industrial system to address the needs of automation engineers and developers solving the challenging automation and industrial internet of things (IIoT) problems in today’s fast-moving, data-centric environment. Current IIoT solutions typically require multiple moving parts, including

Bedrock Releases SCADA Security Platform Specification for OPC UA

Bedrock Automation has published a concise, easy-to-deploy interface specification that enables users and application developers to take advantage of the security capabilities of OPC UA communications software. By following the simple procedures outlined in the Bedrock SCADA Security Platform Specification, developers can

BeyondTrust Introduces Solution to Protect Critical Network, IoT, ICS, and SCADA Devices from Privilege-based Attacks

BeyondTrust, has announced a first-of-its kind privilege management solution for network, IoT, ICS, and SCADA devices. PowerBroker for Networks rounds out BeyondTrust’s privilege management support, which includes privilege management for Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux endpoints, servers, applications, and now any device managed via

North America Is Expected to Lead Communications Hardware and Services Revenue for Distributed Energy Resources Integration Until 2020

A new report from Navigant Research analyzes the global marketplace for distributed energy resources (DER) communications hardware and services, providing global market forecasts, broken out by segment, category, technology, and region, through 2026. As DER proliferates, utilities and third-party owners have ramped