Annual Revenue for Utility Asset Management Solutions Is Expected to Double by 2028

A new report from Navigant Research provides an overview of the global asset management market, including a forecast of asset management solutions from 2019 through 2028. Asset management is one of the most complex elements of the utility business. With the emergence of asset performance

WatchGuard’s Ruggedized Network Security Appliance Extends Security to Harsh Environments

WatchGuard Technologies has released the Firebox T35-R. This industrially hardened, network security appliance allows midmarket businesses, distributed enterprises, and the managed service providers that support them, to extend WatchGuard’s security services and performance beyond traditional office and data center settings to protect

Annual Energy Cloud Analytics Revenue Is Expected to Exceed $18 Billion in 2028

A report from Navigant Research provides a detailed discussion of the development of different types of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and how they can benefit stakeholders across the Energy Cloud. The report provides forecasts for enterprise spend on analytics within the Energy Cloud, with a

GE to Deliver Software for Energy Distribution Management to New Zealand Utilities

GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business has announced plans to help two New Zealand utilities upgrade their traditional Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems with GE’s Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS). Top Energy Limited electricity generation and lines network company supplies

Financed Energy as a Service Solutions Provide an Alternative to Capital Expenditures

A new report from Navigant Research assesses the energy and portfolio management factors that will influence the deployment of emerging financed energy as a service (EaaS) solutions for various commercial and industrial (C&I) segments. The global electric power industry is facing a transformational

Southeast Asia’s Annual Future Grid Revenue Is Expected to Reach Nearly $13 Billion in 2027

A new report from Navigant Research analyzes the key trends, drivers, and barriers to adoption of smart grid and DER technologies within the utility industry across Southeast Asia. Mirroring much of the developed world, Southeast Asia is fundamentally transforming its electric power system

Origis Energy Selects AlsoEnergy as its Enterprise Management Platform for Solar PV and Storage

AlsoEnergy has been selected by Origis Services LLC as its management technology platform across a current asset portfolio of over 1 GW. Origis Services serves the rapidly expanding US solar and energy storage market with full scope operations, maintenance and asset management

Navigant Research Names ENGIE, ABB, and Optimal Power Solutions the Leading Remote Microgrid Companies

A new Leaderboard Report from Navigant Research examines the strategy and execution of 12 remote microgrid companies, with ENGIE, ABB, and Optimal Power Solutions ranked as the leading market players. In 2018, the global market for remote microgrids represented about $3 billion