New Standard Accelerates Digitalization Efforts of Wind Industry

Often times digitalization is implemented within an organization without clear understanding of how digital tools can be used to address problems and generate business value. For example, the first wave of digitalization involved digitizing the standard SCADA streams of data to support

Optimal Time Step of SCADA Data for the Power Curve of Wind Turbine

Minh-Thang Do and Julien Berthaut-Gerentes The SCADA system for wind turbine often logs data at 10 minutes time step, mostly due to the technical constraints. However, with the developement in measurement and storage technology, the collection of data with higher sampling frequency is feasible.

Vestas Unveils 113 MW of Turbine Deals in Europe

Vestas Wind Systems A/S has secured a series of deals to supply 113 MW of wind turbines for projects in Germany, Finland and Sweden. The Danish wind turbine maker has been selected to deliver to NOTUS energy Plan GmbH & Co KG

Power Monitors Creates SCADA Solution for Small to Mid-Sized DERs

Power Monitors has created a solution for controlling small to mid-sized distributed energy resource (DER) implementations. “We were approached by engineers at several IOUs asking if we had a solution for controlling their customer’s small and mid-size PV and wind systems. The

New Big Data System for Wind Turbines Supports over 250 Models

MiScout 5 from Mita-Teknik is the 6th generation SCADA surveillance system supporting over 250 different wind turbine types. Using big data, it is capable of monitoring, reducing TCO and increase the wind turbines’ efficiency and earnings. When Mita-Teknik, the Danish high-tech supplier