Mitsubishi Electric Automation Releases MELIPC Line of Industrial PCs for Edge Computing

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. has released its MELIPC series of industrial-use computers for data computing, edge computing, remote monitoring, and the integration of hardware and software technologies. The MELIPC series is targeted towards OEMs and end users running general manufacturing applications, and

AW-Lake Bluetooth Series Support Smart Phone Connectivity of Flow Meter Readings for Remote Monitoring

AW-Lake Company has added the RT-50 Flow Rate Transmitter to its Bluetooth series of products that support remote monitoring and programming of its flow meters from the convenience of a smartphone. The FAC-S Analog Output Sensor and FAC-R Frequency to Analog Converter

Inductive Automation and FreeWave Technologies Team Up to Provide Increased Data Visibility and Enhanced Network Reliability

Inductive Automation and FreeWave Technologies are taking charge to advance the true benefits of IIoT networks by providing increased data visibility and a more reliable data network for industrial IoT customers with remote assets. Ignition Edge MQTT, an edge-of-network software solution from

Determining the Best Wireless Frequency for Your Remote Monitoring and Control System

By Scott Keller, Founder, CEO, CTO SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Remote monitoring and control systems rely on radio communications to integrate their devices (sensors, nodes, Gateways) to a wireless network in the transmission of data.  A large number of radio-based telemetry systems use